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Hawaii Hosts RIMPAC 2012

Originally Published July 06, 2012; Last Updated June 28, 2018; Last Republished June 28, 2018:

Twenty-two nations converge on Hawaii for the purpose of conducting biennial Rim of the Pacific (RIMPAC) maritime exercises, which will run through August 3, 2012.

Rear Admiral Frank Ponds stopped by a local media station for a little RIMPAC talk and a lot of navy PR.

Our navy seems to be getting serious about partnering—sharing exercise maritime command with Australia and Canada.

SecNav used the opportunity to highlight our navy's nascent green-fleet—kudos to SecNav for his Texas sized leadership amid Texas sized criticism on this issue.


UPDATED 06/28/2018 Reuters, Xi tells Mattis China Won't Give Up 'Even One Inch' Of Territory and USNI, 47-Ship RIMPAC Exercise Kicks Off Tomorrow

...the disinvite of China was unfortunate, unnecessary, and unacceptable...can China partly fill in for the last-minute absence of Brazil?...including intramural exercises, and activities...

UPDATED 05/24/2018 Reuters, China Scolds U.S. For Withdrawing Invite To Naval Drills
UPDATED 01/26/2018 Reuters, China Says Has Been Invited Again To U.S.-hosted Naval Drills

Excellent, all RIMPAC 2018 participants, including China can navigate close to all the disputed rocks together, during the exercises!

UPDATED 08/05/2016 CCTV, Hawaii RIMPAC: China’s participation helps boost cooperation and CCTV, Chinese Vessels Finish Missions in RIMPAC Multinational Drill

UPDATED 06/28/2016  PopularScience, Chinese and American Warships Rensezvous for RIMPAC 2016 and NavalToday, U.S. Navy destroyers reunite in South China Sea

UPDATED 06/30/2016 YouTube, Chinese Fleet Joins U.S. Warships for RIMPAC Exercise and Navy, 27 Nations to Participate in World's Largest Maritime Exercise

UPDATED 04/20/2016 CSIS, PacNet #35R - Response to PacNet #35 "Rescind China's invitation to join RIMPAC"

Assertions that entire seas are national territory is in the same category as the assertion that China should be "dis-invited" from RIMPAC 2016 participation—the category of assertions that are so absurd and doltish they "aren't even wrong".

UPDATED 04/19/2016 USNI, SECDEF Carter: China Still Invited to RIMPAC 2016 Despite South China Sea Tension

Kudos to the Secretary of Defense.

UPDATED 04/18/2016 CSIS, PacNet #35 - Rescind China's invitation to join RIMPAC

It's unclear where nations learned the behavior that when another nation does not "snap to" its demands they threaten to collect their toys, go home, and refuse to play?

Maybe Representative Takai learned it from China, which very often in the past pouted and refused to play almost every time it had a disagreement with our nation. It's not without some irony that our nation then rightly criticized China for their childish behavior.

What better forum than RIMPAC 2016 to continue discussions of Asia maritime issues with China?

UPDATED 02/22/2016 Navy, RimPac 2016 PR
UPDATED 06/26/2014 UPI, Chinese Navy ships arrive in Hawaii for military exercise
UPDATED 06/09/2014 Reuters,China confirms attendance at U.S.-hosted naval exercises in June and SinaEn,Chinese vessels sail to US to join 2014 RIMPAC drill and Nikkei, China to send 4 ships to U.S.-led naval exercise

RIMPAC 2014 naval exercises will run from June 29, 2014 through August 1, 2014.

UPDATED 09/21/2013 Xinhuanet, Chinese FM, Hagel applaud steady improvement of China-U.S. military ties
UPDATED 04/07/2013 Reuters, China to attend major U.S.-hosted naval exercises, but role limited

Kudos to the U.S. for inviting China to RIMPAC 2014 and kudos to China for RSVPing, Yes.

Accusation concerning espionage or partisan political rhetoric should not impede either nation's full and meaningful participation in all RIMPAC 2014 exercises.

Nations that spy on each other must still establish, build and maintain mature relationships—the easiest way to minimize spying is convince your putative adversary that it's more effective, efficient and accurate to establish, build and maintain mature military-military relationships!

UPDATED 12/06/2012 NavyNews, Vice Chief Of Naval Operations Meets With Chinese Admiral
UPDATED 11/30/2012 Reuters, China considering attending U.S.-hosted military exercise

A RIMPAC invitation to China is past due—China must participate in RIMPAC 2014, along with all other major military nations.

UPDATED 10/07/2012 Royal Australian Navy (RAN) Collins-class HMAS Rankin SSG-78 and United States Navy Los Angeles-class USS Key West SSN-722 et al. engage in pre-RIMPAC, Silent Fury ASW exercise

UPDATED 08/07/2012 Navy, RIMPAC 2012 Concludes

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Pirouetting InTo The Past

Our global challenges will not get solved when the United States and Russia are doing clumsy pirouettes on regional stages like two overweight pensioned prima ballerinas reminiscently reliving earlier performances.

Cooperation will more effectively respond to our global challenges than pirouettes into the past.


UPDATED 06/29/2017 DIA, Russia Military Power Report 2017
UPDATED 06/08/2017 CSIS, The Kremlin Playbook: Understanding Russian Influence in Central and Eastern Europe  (CrossCountry Survey)
UPDATED 04/17/2017 SmithsonianMag, Vladimir Lenin’s Return Journey to Russia Changed the World Forever

UPDATED 11/21/2016 Wikipedia, Truman Doctrine and Turkish Straits crisis (past is prologue albeit with a hint of irony ... Reuters, China says would consider Turkish membership of security bloc)


UPDATED 10/14/2016 HI, Cold War Archive
UPDATED 07/30/2016 LSE, Cold War Studies Project
UPDATED 07/30/2016  gBooks, The Cambridge History of the Cold War, Volume 1 (also, Volume 2 and 3)


UPDATED 06/06/2018 Reuters, In Europe, Mattis Is In Familiar Spot: Calming U.S. Allies and ERR, Experts: NATO's Focus In Baltic Region Must Be On Reinforcement and ERR, NATO Needs Joint Forces Command In The Baltics Says Latvian Defence Chief and NATO, NATO’s Very High Readiness Joint Task Force - Can The VJTF Give New Elan To The NATO Response Force? (pdf download 1.3M) and NATO, Brussels Summit 2018 and BNN, Putin In Austria Urges For EU's Harmful Sanctions To Be Lifted

...kudos to Austria...the United States et al. must maintaining or increasing Russia sanctions, if necessary (and diplomatic dialogue) to compel compliance with the Minsk Protocol...

UPDATED 04/15/2018 Reuters, Russia's Putin Predicts Global 'Chaos' if West Hits Syria Again and Newsweek, Putin, Who Invaded Ukraine And Sent Troops To Syria, Complains The World Is 'Becoming More Chaotic'

...really, what proof do you have for such an absurd assertion...beyond that the chaos is probably staged by America, Britain, Germany, France, Ukraine, et al!..."action speak louder than words"...

Publicly release OPCW's full unrestricted report. Russia's assertion that it will not accept OPCW's final report (or responsibility) unless given access to the Russian assassins' targets is not relevant.

UPDATED 03/28/2018 Reuters, With NATO, EU Sets Out Plan to Enable Faster Troop Movement Across Europe and Reuters, U.S., EU to Expel More Than 100 Russian Diplomats Over UK Nerve Attack and Reuters, Russia Says It Will Respond in Kind to West's Expulsions and WP, The Latest: Trump Calls UK’s May on Expelled Russian Envoys and RNZ, PM's Spy Comments Make NZ 'a Laughing Stock'

No spy to expel, no problem...just send a dangle to the Russian Embassy...then expel the responding "diplomat"...or perhaps our nation will expel another Russian "diplomat"  (i.e. 60 plus one) for New Zealand's many years of support?

UPDATED 03/02/2018 Republic, В демонстрации новой ракеты на послании Путина использовали анимацию из фильма Первого канала 2007 года and Twitter, Теперь показывают мультик про систему "Кинжал". Такой, помню, в первой версии игры Red Alert был

Amb. Michael McFaul, Susan Del Percio and Max Boot discuss Russian President Vladimir Putin’s announcement that Russia had an intercontinental ballistic missile that renders defense systems 'useless' and Trump's lack of public response.

UPDATED 01/26/2018 SeaPower, NATO Eyes New Atlantic Command to Strengthen European Maritime Capabilities
UPDATED 01/18/2018 CNN, Russian Spy Ship Heading Toward US

UPDATED 12/24/2017 Forbes, Angela Merkel Tries Pressuring Vladimir Putin On Ukraine War

It is unclear why Putin thinks he has a right to menace Ukraine and Ukrainians or perpetuate Russia's long history of inflicting misery† on them, then indignantly respond when they resist?

† The misery and mayhem of the Holodomor resulted in the mutilation of many Ukrainians by starvation.

UPDATED 12/06/2017 Brookings, The Kremlin’s Latest Crackdown on Independent Media and BBC, Russia Election: Putin to Run Again for President and NATO, Ministers affirm support for Georgia and NATO, Meetings of NATO Ministers of Foreign Affairs

UPDATED 10/30/2017 TASS, Fourth Borei-class submarine to be floated out in November
UPDATED 10/29/2017 WashingtonExaminer, Angus King: First charges under Robert Mueller Russia probe 'really just the beginning'

Senator Angus King could not be more wrong when he asserts that Russia is taking advantage of our free press and our open society and driving divisions:

"...They have discovered a way to turn the strengths of our country and the West against ourselves," he said. "I call it geopolitical jiu-jitsu, where they're taking advantage of our free press and our open society and driving divisions, and there's no question that they did that in 2016 in a big way."--Examiner quoting King
It is not our free press and open society that are the problems, they are the solution and our nation's greatest strengths!  The problem is an untrustworthy and dysfunctional Congress held in contempt by a mostly uniformed citizenry, which is therefore susceptible to a relatively simple and transparent foreign adversary's propaganda campaign!

Militarists and untrustworthy leaders cannot provide effective solutions to propaganda campaigns! An unstable, unfit, unwell, and unbalanced "new" alt-white-house willing to exploit or actively aid such a propaganda campaign for personal gain significantly exacerbates the problem!

UPDATED 09/14/2017 Reuters, Russia's Zapad war games unnerve the West and AP, Stoltenberg, Estonian PM Comment on Zapad Exercise and DW, NATO voices skepticism over size of Russia's Zapad military exercise and ECFR, So far from god, so close to Russia: Belarus and the Zapad military exercise (pdf) and BB, Rapid Trident 2017 - Equipment and Personnel Arrive in Ukraine B-roll and USArEur, Exercise Rapid Trident

A calm and confident NATO is good. A NATO unconditionally committed to ensuring no nation(s) alters any recognized borders through force, intimidation or menacing behavior is best.

UPDATED 06/28/2017 PBS, LIVE: Senate Intelligence Committee hearing on Russian interference in European elections and U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence; Open Hearing: Russian Intervention in European Elections, including witness list and opening statements.

UPDATED 06/07/2017 AP, Clapper: Russia Meddling Bigger than Watergate

UPDATED 03/30/2017 C-SPAN, Senate Intelligence Committee, Russian Interference [aka "active measures"] in the 2016 Election and Its Capabilities to Impact Elections

An early start to Senate hearings after the House Intelligence Committee Chairman immolated the committee's credibility and immobilized its current work.

In addition to the Senate hearings Congress must launch a select committee, commission, and special prosecutor to investigate Russia's active measures effecting our 2016 Election.

UPDATED 03/23/2017 Vox, From Spy to President: The rise of Vladimir Putin

UPDATED 03/20/2017 C-SPAN, House Select Intelligence Committee, Russian Election Interference FBI Director James Comey and NSA Director Admiral Michael Rogers

UPDATED 03/10/2017 EurasiaNet Op-Ed, Russia: The 1917 Revolutions and the Ambiguity of Post-Soviet Identity

UPDATED 02/27/2017 NewYorker, Trump, Putin, and the New Cold War
UPDATED 02/17/2017 Courant, Coast Guard Tracking Russian Spy Ship Near Submarine Base In Groton and Russian Spies Off The Coast Are Nothing New For An Old Sub Hand and ABCNews, Russian spy ship 30 miles from US Navy sub base

Our media should not combine reports of Russia loitering and snooping in international waters with Russia's possible technical (or worse?) violation of the INF Treaty! The later activity, if accurately reported and accurately verified2 (i.e. deployment of GLCM launcher and violating missile), is orders of magnitude more significant than a bunch of Russian spooks harmlessly floating off Long Island recording signals and images, generally being a nuisance!

A bad attempt to knockoff a good "Saturday Night Live" skit?

UPDATED 07/01/2017 Army, Atlantic Resolve and Reuters, Baltic states seek more NATO help ahead of Russian exercise and Reuter, Russia calls NATO moves in Baltics, Poland and Germany a Threat: RIA and Reuters, Factbox: Minsk agreement on Ukraine

Operation Atlantic Resolve is President Obama and Europe routinely engaging with our NATO Baltic allies before leaving office.

Wonder how our "new" alt-white-house and comrade Putin or is it nemets Adamov are going to work this into their active misinformation-disinformation campaign3?

UPDATED 01/27/2017 SI, Fast Attacks and Boomers: Submarines in the Cold War
UPDATED 12/17/2016 USNI, Dec. 14, 2016 executive summary of the Navy’s 2016 Force Structure Assessment
UPDATED 12/16/2016 USNI, Navy Wants to Grow Fleet to 355 Ships; 47 Hull Increase Adds Destroyers, Attacks Subs and Navy, Secretary of the Navy Announces Need for 355-ship Navy

The Navy's 2016 Force Structure Analysis (FSA) did not come with the SecNav's FSA announcement—for now all we can say is our navy is asking Santa Claus to deliver a lot of Christmas presents! Even Santa Claus is constrained by budget and funding levels!

UPDATED 12/02/2016 Telegraph, Vladimir Putin says Russia wants to normalise relations with US

A Security Council vote is not required to steadfastly support or increase and extend the sanctions imposed on an infandous (odious beyond expression) government.

Normalized relationship with the United States must require Russia's compliance with the Minsk II protocol. Changing or maintaining national borders by use of force or an infinite variety of thuggery is a twenty-first century anathema and affront to all peaceful nations.

UPDATED 11/23/2016 WP, These maps show how Russia has Europe spooked
UPDATED 11/21/2016 WT, Russia withdraws from International Criminal Court after being called out over Crimea invasion
UPDATED 10/13/2016 CSM, Gorbachev calls for peace: Is there a path forward? and  IPI, Interview with Mikhail Gorbachev at the Reykjavik Summit

“Worst Thing” Collapse of Trust Between Major Powers" --Mikhail Gorbachev--

Even worse than mistrust between nations, is the twenty-first century chaos created when any nation's government seeks to impose ad hoc changes to international rules or order by threat, intimidation, force, and coercion, 

UPDATED 08/19/2016 UPI, Russia's military buildup in Arctic plays into global strategy

The sooner all global citizenry live under representative type governments, the sooner nations can get on with doing things that matter!

UPDATED 07/31/2016 CSIS, Undersea Warfare in Northern Europe and CSIS, Report "Undersea Warfare in Northern Europe" (PDF 1.6M) and The Cold War: In Enemy’s Depth - The Submarine War and Cold War Spy Secrets Under the Sea1



1. The turbulent and noisy bubble bursts called cavitation releases enough energy to pit the surface of a polished propeller blade, which further disrupts laminar flow and decreases propeller efficiency (η0)*.

UPDATED 01/19/2017 Some militarists have long speculated that cavitation might change a relatively slow-moving hydro-body into a faster-moving aero-body by enveloping the hydro-body in bubbles (i.e. supercavitition).

A modern sonar women might wonder why you would spend millions on supercavitation to continuously broadcast your submarine's position when you could just turn on the active sonar and ping away?

Modern submarines will typically use pump-jet propulsors (i.e. a shrouded propeller).

* See A.H. Techet, Hydrodynamics for Ocean Engineers: Propellers: Propeller Performance Characterization, 2004 for an introduction to propeller performance.

2. UPDATED 09/16/2017 FAS, NASIC Removes Russian INF-Violating Missile From Report

 UPDATED 02/18/2017 NATO Defence Ministers take steps to strengthen the Alliance and NATO, Doorstep Statement and Der Spiegel, The Greatest Threat to Security Since WWII (by John Kasich) and Reuters, Trudeau to Trump: NATO is About More Than Spending and NATO Secretary General doorstep statement at the Munich Security Conference, 17 FEB 2017 and NATO Secretary General, Press Conference at Meetings of Defence Ministers, 16 FEB 2017 and  NATO Secretary General, Press Conference at Meetings of Defence Ministers, 16 FEB 2017, 2/2 and AP, Pence: 'We Must Hold Russia Accountable' and VOA, US Defense Secretary Mattis Tells NATO Collective Defense a Bedrock Commitment

UPDATED 07/14/2017 PBS, Inside Russia's Propaganda Machine

UPDATED 09/14/2017 Bloomberg, Mueller Probe Has ‘Red-Hot’ Focus on Social Media, Officials Say and AtlanticCouncil, #DisinfoWeek Countering the Hybrid-Tactic of Strategic Misinformation and Disinformation and Stanford, Digital Disinformation Forum and Facebook, National Democratic Institute

(note: several  problems with the video's sound)

Countering misinformation and disinformation is about more than our "new" alt-white-house, but any American campaign to counter these strategic hybrid-tactics will fail without understanding and acknowledging when such tactics are used against our own citizenry.

Stated differently efforts by Senator Rob Portman to minimize the very active misinformation and disinformation campaign being run by our "new" alt-white-house against our citizenry is itself both misinformation and disinformation!

A nascent effort to comprehensively understanding "influence" campaigns is the The German Marshall Fund: The Game Has Changed: Russian Interference and the Alliance for Securing Democracy. The effort tracks an estimated 600 Twitter accounts thought linked to Russia's misinformation and disinformation efforts (The Methodology of the Hamilton 68 Dashboard and Hamilton 68 Dashboard).

UPDATED 11/02/2017 GMF, Extremist Content and Russian Disinformation Online: Working with Tech to Find Solutions

UPDATED 10/21/2017 FB, Facebook to Provide Congress With Ads Linked to Internet Research Agency and FB, Hard Questions: More on Russian Ads

Originally Published July 26, 2016; Last Updated June 06, 2018; Last Republished June 06, 2018:

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Navy ICEX 2011

Originally Published March 17, 2011; Last Updated  March 29, 2018; Last Republished March 29, 2018:

Navy Arctic Submarine Laboratory and APLIS have set up their ice camp near Purdhoe Bay1 in support of navy submarines2, submariners, and Arctic researchers, collectively referred to as ICEX 2011.

ICEX 2011 APLIS Base Camp
ICEX 2011 APLIS Base Ice Camp

Guidance for Arctic ice camp (Marvin Gardens) submariners:
  • Use first year ice for jerry-rigged showers; just kidding, there are no showers.
  • Use second year ice for jerry-rigged cooking; refer to instructions on "therma pouch".
  • Use third year ice3 for jerry-rigged coffee; ok, so it's not Starbucks.
  • Remember that "hot-bunking" has a slightly different meaning in the Arctic.
  • Return to submarine as soon as possible; tell crewmates sea stories about the "beautiful Arctic"—after a hot shower, meal and coffee.

UPDATED 03/19/2016 DMDA, Massive US Submarines Breaking Through Ocean of Ice in the Arctic  (video includes some beautiful underneath ice shots of deployed dives) and Navy, video gallery, Hartford breaking through Arctic ice and ICEX 2016, airdropping Camp Sargo pics.

Los Angeles-class submarine USS Hartford (SSN 768) breaks through Arctic ice, during ICEX 2016, stressing its retrofitted sail after the 2009 sail-bending collision with the surface ship USS New Orleans.

More substance, please.

UPDATED 07/15/2013 How Icebergs Produce Ocean [Very Loud] Noise

UPDATED 06/09/2012 Submarine Short of below decks on Seawolf-class, Connecticut SSN 22; cropped snap shots include sail ladder; aft ops and pilot station; wide torpedo room; and mess (below).

Seawolf-class Submarine2

UPDATED  06/06/2017 Nature, Threshold in North Atlantic-Arctic Ocean circulation controlled by the subsidence of the Greenland-Scotland Ridge
UPDATED 08/16/2013 NSIDC, IceBridge MCoRDS L3 Gridded Ice Thickness, Surface, and Bottom, Version 2
UPDATED 11/23/2012 TEOS10, Thermodynamic Equations of Seawater
UPDATED 11/22/2012 PCMDI, WCRP CMIP3 Multi-Model Dataset Archive at PCMDI and Wiki, SeaRISE Assessment and Argo, Oceans Temperature and Salinity Floats

Thermal steric expansion of oceans (i.e. 0-700m and deep ocean) and polar ice melt runoff (terrestrial water mass relocated to ocean) are two major contributors to sea level rise—both are related to global warming (natural and anthropomorphic).

Reconciling various data sets and models is an important and challenging task.

UPDATED 05/24/2012 Wikipedia, [Partial] List of Arctic Programs and ANL, Newton

The Newton site may be useful to students with Arctic questions—also there is a searchable database of archived questions.

UPDATED 01/21/2012 U.S. Global Change Research Program

GCRP, A US Carbon Cycle Science Plan

UPDATED 01/21/2011 GAO, ARCTIC CAPABILITIES DOD Addressed Many Specified Reporting Elements in Its 2011 Arctic Report but Should Take Steps to Meet Near- and Long-term Needs (pdf)

UPDATED 12/04/2011 NOAA, Arctic Report Card 2011 and NOAA, Arctic Report Card 2011 Highlights and YouTube, Arctic Report Card 2011 Video and NOAA ClimateWatch, Old Ice Becoming Rare in Arctic (Time Lapse Video of multi-year ice gyre - 1987-2010 - notice the amount of black beginning 2007).

UPDATED 10/22/2011 NAP, National Security Implications of Climate Change for U.S. Naval Forces

Our fast changing Arctic presents our submariners, submarine platforms, and supporting scientists with significant challenges in the areas of: communication; navigation; ASW; acoustics; sea-ice-atmosphere interfaces, predictive model building-modification; and learning-training.
Arctic Council
NASA, Aquarius satellite focused on measuring sea surface salinity.
The National Snow and Ice Data Center. The annual Arctic 2011 ice coverage equals the 2006 minimum maximum.
NAP, National Security Implications of Climate Change for U.S. Naval Forces.
IPCC, Fourth Assessment Report: Climate Change 2007 (AR4).
NSF, Ultraviolet (UV) Monitoring Network.
NSF, Cooperative Arctic Data and Information Service (CADIS).
ESRL, Barrow, Alaska Observatory.
ESRL, Barrow Radiation Climatology
Irradiance Measurement and Instrumentation Data Center (MIDC). Primarily Colorado, Utah, Nevada, California and Arizona stations.
NREL, Solar Radiation Research Laboratory (BMS; Customized Current Conditions Display - non-graphic, updated every 60 secs.
NREL, Renewable Resource Data Center (RReDC).
Env Canada, Canadian Ice Service.
NOAA, National-Naval Ice Center.
IBCAO, Arctic Bathymetry.

UPDATED 02/18/2011 SCICEX Phase II Science Plan— Part 1: Technical Guidance for Planning Science Accommodation Missions
AAAS, Recent Warming Reverses Long-Term Arctic Cooling.
"...We present a synthesis of decadally resolved proxy temperature records from poleward of 60°N covering the past 2000 years, which indicates that a pervasive cooling in progress 2000 years ago continued through the Middle Ages and into the Little Ice Age...The cooling trend was reversed during the 20th century, with four of the five warmest decades of our 2000-year-long reconstruction occurring between 1950 and 2000."--Science, Vol. 325. no. 5945, pp. 1236 - 1239, September 4, 2009--
GRL, Decline in Arctic sea ice thickness from submarine and ICESat records: 1958–2008.

Recently declassified US submarine sonar measurements of Arctic ice thickness has enable researchers to update and extend the data set (historic submarine sonar combined with recent ICESat data).

The overall mean winter ice thickness has decline an astonishing 1.75 m since 1980 (3.64 m in 1980 to 1.89 m in 2008)!
National Snow and Ice Data Center, Arctic Sea Ice News and Analysis


Alaska Dispatch, Arctic Ocean grows 20 percent fresher, but don't flee Manhattan yet. Short discussion with interesting research links (Arctic layer mean salinity change).


UPDATED 03/29/2018  NavyAH, Three Submarines ICEX 2018 Arctic Exercise and DVIDS, ICEX 2018 and Defense, Navy’s Arctic Ice Exercise Features Multinational Participation

UPDATED 03/04/2016 Navy, Navy Sets Course for the Arctic Circle, Kicks Off ICEX 2016
UPDATED 08/04/2014 UW, Tracking the breakup of Arctic summer sea ice and GRL, Swell and sea in the emerging Arctic Ocean
UPDATED 03/26/2014 NavyNews, Navy Commences Participation in ICEX 2014

Public data coming out of this year ICEX 2014 (and "Ice Camp Nautilus") are non-substantive, uninteresting and uninformative.

Perhaps, this reflects a hasty last minute decision to conduct an ICEX in response to President Putin’s latest "shirt removing" charade (annex Crimea)? Officially, ICEX 2014 was scheduled before his charade—hopefully he'll put his shirt back on before he catches a cold.

Also, Navy Live, Ice Exercise Is Back and DVIDS, ICEX 2014 [Not very interesting-Images 1 of 13] ( and YouTube,USS New Mexico present for #ICEX 2014 (surfacing through ice slurpy) and YouTube, Rear Adm. Kenneth Perry talks about #ICEX2014 (the very well insulated Commander of Submarine Strike Group Two gives pep talk from the thinning Arctic ice)

UPDATED 02/28/2014 Reuters, U.S. Navy eyes greater presence in Arctic  (U.S. Navy Task Force on Climate Change February 2014 Updated Arctic Roadmap)

In short, Arctic ice floes are melting fast and our navy wants to just as speedily switch from Arctic asset "window shopping" to a "layaway plan". Much more definition, detail and debate must precede any navy Arctic asset "layaway plan".

UPDATED 07/17/2013 NSF, NSF-Funded Research Sheds New Light on How Surface Water Lubricates the Bottom of the Greenland Ice Sheet
UPDATED 07/15/2013 OSU, The sounds of science – melting of iceberg creates surprising ocean din and TOS, Life and Death Sounds of Iceberg A53a and YouTube, How Icebergs Produce Ocean Noise
UPDATED 03/11/2013 DefenseNews, Talking to the Silent Service: Operators Push Back Against Emerging Technology

A quick status of submerged submarine communications—communications at speed and depth is out (i.e. too expensive and uni-functional), multi-functional autonomous vehicles and network nodes are in.

UPDATED 09/24/2012  NAS, Advancing Climate Modeling
UPDATED 01/20/2012 CSIS, A New Security Architecture for the Arctic: An American Perspective

UPDATED 10/22/2011 NOAA, 4th Symposium on the Impacts of an Ice-Diminishing Arctic on Naval and Maritime Operations

UPDATED 10/13/2011 AWI, Young and thin instead of old and bulky and Nature, Scientific challenges in the Arctic: Open water (also, Nature Special, After the Ice).

Researchers have collected Arctic ice thickness data for the summer 2011 for comparison with 2007 ice thickness  data.

CNN, 'Ice Wars' heating up the Arctic.
NavyTimes, Sub surfaces after oxygen generator fails.
Fuel Cell Nation, Hamilton Sundstrand's ILPE - Oops!.
Reuters, Exclusive:U.S. submarines show force amid race for Arctic riches.
Reuters, Raytheon seeks ways to help submarines stay in touch.

Virginia-class USS New Hampshire (SSN 778) uses Deep Siren Tactical Paging (two one-way communications), developed under the navy's Communications at Speed and Depth Program to evacuate a submariner with appendicitis.

The Arctic's mean sea surface temperature can quickly immobilize and kill an uninsulated immersed human.

USS New Hampshire (SSN 778)
Hence three divers wearing black insulation suits standby to rescue anybody unlucky enough to fall in (Reuters Photo/Lucas Jackson).
AWI, Arctic on the verge of record ozone loss - Arctic-wide measurements verify rapid depletion in recent days
“Our measurements show that at the relevant altitudes about half of the ozone that was present above the Arctic has been destroyed over the past weeks,...Special attention should thus be devoted to sufficient UV protection in spring this year,”--AWI--

1. Purdhoe Bay (70°19′32″N 148°42′41″W) is above the Arctic Circle (66° 33′ 44″) at the end of the Dalton Highway , about 314 km South East of Barrow, Alaska.

2. Virginia-class USS New Hampshire (SSN 778) and Seawolf-class USS Connecticut (SSN 22) have been designated for the ICEX 2011 exercises.

UPDATED 10/23/2011 Notwithstanding Virginia-class images its structures and systems are not currently capable or optimally configured for extended autonomous under-ice Arctic operations. Some have recommended that these deficiencies be remedied, at least for some current VCS platforms.

The significant costs associated with these recommendations will likely delay implementation until later VCS blocks or follow-on VCS-improved platforms. Until then current VCS platforms will likely utilize specialized ad hoc ice-packages for limited operations in higher northern under-ice latitudes.

3. Arctic submariners will immediately understand that an Arctic sea ice salinity gradient impacts more than their shower, meal, and coffee.

The salinity of Arctic sea ice changes with the ice's age. As older and less salinated Arctic ice melts it changes the ocean salinity—dramatically impacting a submarine's hearing, maneuvering, and tactics.

Climate researchers have a global interest in the thermohaline cycle—how it impacts on global temperatures.

UPDATED January 10, 2011 Those wanting a general undergraduate level understanding of the carbon cycle and the oceans' role in modulating climate may enjoy the David Archer's global warming video lectures and related textbook.