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Submarine Hall Of Fame Recipient - USS Halibut

Originally Published  August 19, 2011; Last Updated May 24, 2015; Last Republished April 24, 2015:

Halibut Veterans' Association (HVA) has announced that the United States Submarine Veterans Inc, Hampton Roads Base, Submarine Hall of Fame Committee has named the USS Halibut SS(G)N 587 and crew as its 13th Submarine Hall of Fame recipient.

A post WWII submarine recipient is chosen annually from the nominees on the basis of its contribution to undersea engineering or warfare tactics. A submarine recipient is then invited to present a memorabilia shadow box during ceremonies held each May at the Naval Station Norfolk, Submarine Training Center1, Ramage Hall2, Allcorn Auditorium3:

Representatives of USS Halibut SS(G)N 587 crew4 will present a memorabilia shadow box, which will then reside in the Allcorn Auditorium.

Perhaps, a small reminder of the role imagination, intellect, innovation, information, and intrepid submariners will play in future undersea warfare, welfare, and tactics.

  • UPDATED 03/04/2011 HVA, List of links and map of the Naval Station Norfolk
    USS Halibut veterans are invited and encouraged to attend the Memorial Day ceremony, Submarine Hall of Fame ceremony, and luncheon on Thursday, May 26, 2011 11:00am (plan to arrive a half hour early).

    USS Halibut Veteran's Association (HVA) will participate in the ceremonies, including the presentation of a shadow box highlighting Halibut's pioneering contributions to undersea engineering during the Cold War.

    Commander Submarine Forces, Vice Admiral John M. Richardson is expected to attend.

    All HVA sponsored attendees must RSVP in accordance with the March 03, 2011 email from HVA's, Paul Benton, not later than March 25, 2011. You and your guest(s) will then receive a formal invitation(s) via the mail.

  • UPDATED 06/02/2011 Submarine Veterans of WWII Memorial Service at SUBLRNFAC


1. A regional training center under the Naval Education Training Command.

The current commanding officer of the Norfolk Learning Facility (labeled CEP 166 on yellow cut-out) is Commander Al Onley.

2. Named for WWII submariner, Parche (SS 384) submarine driver, Director Undersea Warfare and Medal of Honor recipient Vice Admiral Lawson Paterson Ramage.

As an aside Ramage was also the navigator on the Grenadier (SS-210), which the Japanese torpedoed and sunk. Amazingly the crew refloated their boat only to scuttle it just before being taken prisoners. Those that lived endured 28 months of cruel deprivation and torture.

3. Named for WWII submariner and Vice Admiral Ramage's torpedo officer Lieutenant Frank W. Allcorn. (Submarine Learning Facility Norfolk, History)

4. Presumably Halibut Veterans' Association will be coordinating invitations for Halibut crew members wanting to attend the May 2011 Submarine Hall of Fame ceremony?

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