Saturday, August 6, 2016

Chinese Jin Class Type 094 SSBN Submarine

Originally published March 04, 2008, Last Updated August 06, 2016; Last Republished August 06, 2016:
Chinese Jin Class Type 094 SSBN Submarine


UPDATED 08/06/2016 FAS, New FAS Nuclear Notebook: Chinese Nuclear Forces, 2016


UPDATED 08/24/2010 DefPro, China’s Bulava?. Hans M. Kristensen post on Defense Professionals. 

Overhead of missile tube (3 and 4?) doors open.


Science and Technology Daily post on a historic moment for China's submarine force and submariners. 

See Wikimapia for aerial picture of China's Yulin SubBase entrance at Sanya, Hainan Peninsula.Wikipedia, Type 094 submarine.

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