Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Chinese Submarine Commissionings

Originally Published December 18, 2011; Last Updated February 07, 2017; Last Republished February 07, 2017:

China's well known and evolving submarine fleet has been republished as part of the National Defense University's, The Chinese Navy: Expanding Capabilities, Evolving Roles, 2011 (pdf):1

Chines Submarine Commissionings

UPDATED 07/07/2017 NDUINSS, China’s Future SSBN Command and Control Structure and NDUPress, Joint Force Quarterly 83 (4th Quarter, October 2016) PLA Reforms and China’s Nuclear Forces

UPDATED 02/16/2012 CRS, China Naval Modernization RL33153 dated February 2012 (Courtesy of FAS Secrecy Blog)

UPDATED 12/27/2011 Wired, China’s Noisy Subs Get Busier — And Easier to Track. The important attributes of submarine quality, submariner experience and professionalism, or conduct of sustained "blue water" operations are not well represented in any quantitative listing of submarines.


1. Ronald O’Rourke, PLAN Force Structure: Submarines, Ships, and Aircraft, Chapter6 @ page 141

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