Monday, May 12, 2014

Nereus Samples Mariana Trench Seabed

Originally Published June 06, 2009; Last Updated May 12, 2014; Last Republished May 12, 2014:

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute (WHOI) successfully sends the hybrid ROV-AUV Nereus1 to the bottom of the Mariana Trench (6.78 miles; 10,911 meters)—samples seabed sediment and sends back some amazing pictures.


UPDATED 05/12/2014 UPI, Robotic Submarine Implodes 6.2 Miles Beneath Ocean Surface and WHOI, Robotic Deep-sea Vehicle Lost on Dive to 6-Mile Depth (Kermadec Trench )
Click - WHOI Original

UPDATED 06/01/2012 ScienceNews, Defying Depth Nereus helping to study the creatures that naturally and routinely live at crushing depths.
UPDATED 02/23/2012 BBC, Race to the bottom of the ocean
WHOI, HROV Nereus Expedition to the Mariana Trench (May 23 - Jun 6, 2009)
WHOI, Nereus Multimedia Presentation
San Diego Union Tribune, Point Loma scientists on team taking vehicle to the deepest place on Earth


1. Nereus in Greek Mythology is thought to be the son of Pontus (Sea) and is sometimes referred to as Old Man of the Sea. Together with Doris he fathered 50 sea nymphs referred to as Nereids. The mythical family lived in the Aegean Sea.

Nereus was known to be truthful, righteous, gentle, and trustworthy—all this while raising 50 nymph daughters!

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