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Hawaii Hosts RIMPAC 2012

Originally Published July 06, 2012; Last Updated June 28, 2018; Last Republished June 28, 2018:

Twenty-two nations converge on Hawaii for the purpose of conducting biennial Rim of the Pacific (RIMPAC) maritime exercises, which will run through August 3, 2012.

Rear Admiral Frank Ponds stopped by a local media station for a little RIMPAC talk and a lot of navy PR.

Our navy seems to be getting serious about partnering—sharing exercise maritime command with Australia and Canada.

SecNav used the opportunity to highlight our navy's nascent green-fleet—kudos to SecNav for his Texas sized leadership amid Texas sized criticism on this issue.


UPDATED 06/28/2018 Reuters, Xi tells Mattis China Won't Give Up 'Even One Inch' Of Territory and USNI, 47-Ship RIMPAC Exercise Kicks Off Tomorrow

...the disinvite of China was unfortunate, unnecessary, and unacceptable...can China partly fill in for the last-minute absence of Brazil?...including intramural exercises, and activities...

UPDATED 05/24/2018 Reuters, China Scolds U.S. For Withdrawing Invite To Naval Drills
UPDATED 01/26/2018 Reuters, China Says Has Been Invited Again To U.S.-hosted Naval Drills

Excellent, all RIMPAC 2018 participants, including China can navigate close to all the disputed rocks together, during the exercises!

UPDATED 08/05/2016 CCTV, Hawaii RIMPAC: China’s participation helps boost cooperation and CCTV, Chinese Vessels Finish Missions in RIMPAC Multinational Drill

UPDATED 06/28/2016  PopularScience, Chinese and American Warships Rensezvous for RIMPAC 2016 and NavalToday, U.S. Navy destroyers reunite in South China Sea

UPDATED 06/30/2016 YouTube, Chinese Fleet Joins U.S. Warships for RIMPAC Exercise and Navy, 27 Nations to Participate in World's Largest Maritime Exercise

UPDATED 04/20/2016 CSIS, PacNet #35R - Response to PacNet #35 "Rescind China's invitation to join RIMPAC"

Assertions that entire seas are national territory is in the same category as the assertion that China should be "dis-invited" from RIMPAC 2016 participation—the category of assertions that are so absurd and doltish they "aren't even wrong".

UPDATED 04/19/2016 USNI, SECDEF Carter: China Still Invited to RIMPAC 2016 Despite South China Sea Tension

Kudos to the Secretary of Defense.

UPDATED 04/18/2016 CSIS, PacNet #35 - Rescind China's invitation to join RIMPAC

It's unclear where nations learned the behavior that when another nation does not "snap to" its demands they threaten to collect their toys, go home, and refuse to play?

Maybe Representative Takai learned it from China, which very often in the past pouted and refused to play almost every time it had a disagreement with our nation. It's not without some irony that our nation then rightly criticized China for their childish behavior.

What better forum than RIMPAC 2016 to continue discussions of Asia maritime issues with China?

UPDATED 02/22/2016 Navy, RimPac 2016 PR
UPDATED 06/26/2014 UPI, Chinese Navy ships arrive in Hawaii for military exercise
UPDATED 06/09/2014 Reuters,China confirms attendance at U.S.-hosted naval exercises in June and SinaEn,Chinese vessels sail to US to join 2014 RIMPAC drill and Nikkei, China to send 4 ships to U.S.-led naval exercise

RIMPAC 2014 naval exercises will run from June 29, 2014 through August 1, 2014.

UPDATED 09/21/2013 Xinhuanet, Chinese FM, Hagel applaud steady improvement of China-U.S. military ties
UPDATED 04/07/2013 Reuters, China to attend major U.S.-hosted naval exercises, but role limited

Kudos to the U.S. for inviting China to RIMPAC 2014 and kudos to China for RSVPing, Yes.

Accusation concerning espionage or partisan political rhetoric should not impede either nation's full and meaningful participation in all RIMPAC 2014 exercises.

Nations that spy on each other must still establish, build and maintain mature relationships—the easiest way to minimize spying is convince your putative adversary that it's more effective, efficient and accurate to establish, build and maintain mature military-military relationships!

UPDATED 12/06/2012 NavyNews, Vice Chief Of Naval Operations Meets With Chinese Admiral
UPDATED 11/30/2012 Reuters, China considering attending U.S.-hosted military exercise

A RIMPAC invitation to China is past due—China must participate in RIMPAC 2014, along with all other major military nations.

UPDATED 10/07/2012 Royal Australian Navy (RAN) Collins-class HMAS Rankin SSG-78 and United States Navy Los Angeles-class USS Key West SSN-722 et al. engage in pre-RIMPAC, Silent Fury ASW exercise

UPDATED 08/07/2012 Navy, RIMPAC 2012 Concludes

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