Thursday, July 26, 2012

The CIA's Greatest Covert Operation

Halibut sailors participating in operation Sand Dollar1 (for which Halibut received a Presidential Unit Citation) may enjoy reading David H. Sharp's new book The CIA's Greatest Covert Operation: inside the daring mission to recover a nuclear-armed Soviet sub2, which provides another first hand account of project AZORIAN3.

Unfortunately, the author completely skips4 operation Sand Dollar beyond informing the reader that our government's response to a recent FOIA request for primary source documents was neither confirmed nor denied5.


1. Sand Dollar was one of many daring and costly joint navy-CIA (Directorate Of Science And Technology) undertakings by the short lived National Underwater Reconnaissance Office (NURO).

Those interested in the CIA, Directorate Of Science And Technology may enjoy Jeffrey Richelson's, The Wizards of Langley : inside the CIA's Directorate of Science and Technology.

2. A Russian Golf-class II  (Project 629A; K-129) diesel submarine armed with three SS-N-5 ballistic missiles (NATO designation).

3. Project AZORIAN is often incorrectly referred to as project Jennifer, which refers to the security program related to project AZORIAN.

4. Citing to the authors of Blind Man's Bluff : the untold story of American submarine espionage for locating the submarine K-129.

5. Our current system of classification has become so dysfunctional and discredited that our government continues the counter-intuitive and incorrect assertion that information within the public domain can be classified—this understandable only to those who've spent a lifetime wandering and lost in a mosaic of smoke and mirrors.

Some books on previously classified subjects may be contributing to the dysfunction and discredit by explicitly or implicitly asserting that historical non-disclosure agreements purportedly bind in perpetuity.

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