Monday, August 13, 2012

Pittsburgh Sub Driver Relieved

Originally Published August 13, 2012; Last Updated September 18, 2012; Last Republished August 13, 2012:
Commanding officer of USS Pittsburgh SSN 720, Commander Michael P. Ward II, was relieved for the standard reason of "loss of confidence in ability to command"1

Unofficially, the married Ward conducted an affair that attracted the attention of naval investigators.

Command Pin2


UPDATED 09/18/2012 ABCNews, Navy: Conn. Sub Boss Faked Death to End AffairTheDay, Sub commander relieved of duty after woman alleges he faked death to end affair


1. This is a catchall phrase that covers anything that is viewed as sufficient impediment of ones ability to lead submariner-sailors.

2. The Command-At-Sea pin is worn by the incumbent commander on the right and by the post successful tour commander on the left. What constitutes a successful tour is determined with considerably less publicity than the very public relief, removal, or loss of command. Generally a command tour interrupted or terminated by a removal for cause is not eligible for the Command-At-Sea pin as specified above (MILPERSMAN 1210-170, Command at Sea Insignia: Qualifications).

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