Friday, November 16, 2012

Submarine Montpelier Collision

Originally Published October 18, 2012; Last Updated February 03, 2013; Last Republished November 16, 2012:

Submarine Montpelier, SSN 765 has returned to port under its own power after colliding with the Aegis cruiser USS San Jacinto, CG 56 on October 13, 2012, while conducting sea training exercises.

The extent of damage to both ships is under investigation—published reports to date have not been helpful in understanding the ships' relative position or heading just prior to the collision.

USS Montpelier, SSN 765
Montpelier appears to draft low aft in the above picture and prior reports have indicated that San Jacinto's sonar dome was damaged. It's tempting to speculate that San Jacinto executed an all back full and Montpelier executed a steep dive and course change that just clipped San Jacinto's sonar dome with its rudder?


UPDATED 02/03/2013 NavyTimes, Navy mishaps, mistakes could cost $1B Montpelier's collision contribution is estimated at $41M and accumulating (San Jacinto, $10M and accumulating).

UPDATED 11/16/2012 NMA-YouTube, US Navy Aegis Cruiser and Submarine Collision Interesting generalized animation of San Jacinto-Montpelier collision scenario.

UPDATED 10/28/2012 FBO Collision Damage Repair Of USS Montperlier (SSN 765) Solicitation Number: N0002413R4307

NAVSEA is procuring from Newport News Shipbuilding services that include damage assessment, replacement of the rudder and repair of the stern, ship checks, repair documentation, schedules, reports, engineering efforts, attendance at meetings, material procurement and fabrication, repair labor, and shipyard work services.

More should be known shortly after Montpelier is towed north and work begins.

NavyNews, USS Montpelier And USS San Jacinto Pierside (includes photos)

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