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Deployed Unmanned Underwater Vehicles Persists

Originally Published July 30, 2013; Last Updated November 18, 2018; Last Republished November 18 2018:
NavSea concludes a week of deployment training for sailors operating its unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV)1 Sea Glider (Seaglider and Remus2) variants3. These UUVs form a developing and potentially beneficial network of ubiquitous autonomous undersea nodes4 for real-time data collection and analysis.

If these data collection nodes are operated transparently they'll credibly benefit our nation and global commons.
Synthetic Aperture Sonar Scans

Ocean mapping, searching, and grid making made easy:


Ocean R/V:

NOAA,  Okeanos Explorer
UniversityWashington, OOI Interactive Oceans
Woods Hole and Navy, Exploration Now
SOI, Falkor


UPDATED 02/16/2018 BI, The Global Market for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) Reached $671.5 Million in 2017
UPDATED 02/08/2018 AUVAC
UPDATED 04/26/2017 Arxuv, An Extensible Benchmarking Infrastructure for Motion Planning Algorithms and Kavrakilab, Planning Feasible and Safe Paths Online for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles in Unknown Environments


...Therefore, the Committee directs the Secretary of the Navy to provide, no later than February 1, 2017, a report to the congressional intelligence committees—in addition to the congressional defense committees—that details the Unmanned Systems roadmap strategy (not to be confuse with SecDef, Unmanned Systems Integrated Roadmap FY2013-2038)   and the program objective memorandum 2018 investment strategy to obtain such a capability....

UPDATED 04/20/2016 NAP, Mainstreaming Unmanned Undersea Vehicles into Future U.S. Naval Operations (2016) and Project Working Group Meetings
UPDATED 03/24/2016 USNI, Document: U.S. Navy’s Autonomous Undersea Vehicle Report
UPDATED 03/24/2016 Wikipedia, Autonomous underwater vehicle


UPDATED 11/18/2018 PRNewsWire, Ocean Infinity Locates the Missing Argentinian Submarine, ARA San Juan and GeoGarage, Submarine ARA San Juan Located and NewsCorpAu, First Photos of Submarine Emerge As Families Implore Argentine Government To Recover Wreck

UPDATED 02/23/2018 NATO, Underwater Glider for NATO and Nations and NATO, Autonomous Systems, Issues for Policymakers

UPDATED 12/10/2017 USW, The Coming Revolution in Cognitive Autonomous Undersea Vehicles (Winter 2017) and USW, The Next Big Thing in Undersea Warfare May Be Micro (Winter 2017)

UPDATED  10/27/2017 CGTN, China’s Deep-sea Manned Submersible Returns Home

UPDATED 10/17/2017 ComPacFleet, Multinational Mine WarfareExercise Begins Off South Korea Coast

UPDATED 05/23/2017 ProjectRecover, Two Missing World War II B-25 Bombers Documented By Project Recover Off Papua New Guinea

UPDATED 05/01/2017 NOAA, April 27 - May 19: Mountains in the Deep: Exploring the Central Pacific Basin

UPDATED 04/11/2017 DoD, Navy Announces Launch of Task Force Ocean
UPDATED 04/09/2017 DefWebTV, Sea-Air-Space 2017 Day 2 - ASW & Underwater Technologies

UPDATED 12/16/2016 Reuters, China's Navy seizes American underwater drone in South China Sea
UPDATED 10/11/2016 UCTV, Ocean Exploration - From Genes to Geology

UPDATED 08/13/2016 UPI, U.S. Navy to team with Germany on undersea mine detection and Navy, US Navy Collaborates with Germany for Technological Advances
UPDATED 06/22/2016 Atlantic, GPS Doesn't Work Underwater The Positioning System for Deep Ocean Navigation (POSYDON), mentioned in the article is a DARPA project.UPDATED 05/18/2016 AV, United States Navy to Deploy AeroVironment Blackwing Reconnaissance Systems on Attack and Guided Missile Submarines
UPDATED 03/24/2016 USNI, Navy: Future Undersea Warfare Will Have Longer Reach, Operate With Network of [Autonomous,]Unmanned Vehicles
UPDATED 03/21/2016 Wired, Boeing’s Monstrous Underwater Robot Can Wander the Ocean for 6 Months
UPDATED 01/01/2015 BBC, The search for Australia's lost hospital ship Centaur found at a depth of 2059m:
Article contains other images, including of a commemorative plaque attached to the torpedoed ship.

UPDATED 10/30/2014 USNI, CNO Greenert Bullish on Unmanned Underwater Vehicles
UPDATED 06/26/2014 WT, Marine sanctuary hosts underwater robot event
UPDATED 03/26/2014 WHOI, FAQ: Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

REMUS will likely soon begin scanning the remote Indian Ocean seafloor searching for Flight MH370 debris.

UPDATED 11/12/2013 NYT, Ocean Drones Plumb New Depths
UPDATED 08/23/2013 PopularScience, Robotic Search for WWII Airmen
UPDATED 08/23/2013 NSF, Underwater robotics competition helps students build skills for ocean occupations
UPI, U.S. Navy personnel trained on Sea Glider underwater drone
NavyCIO Chips, Advances in Synthetic Aperture Sonar Transform Mine Countermeasures and Undersea Warfare


1. Also referred to as autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs).

2. Hydroid, a small subsidiary of Kongsberg Maritime, manufactures Remus and is a leading manufacturer of AUVs.

3. Other AUV, UUV, ROVs (Remotely Operated) and Towed vehicle variants exist limited only by mission profile (e.g. Air France Flight 447 search), imagination and available funding (e.g. Slocum, Spray, Hugin [video] Seabed, Kiel, and Towed etc).

4. UPDATED 12/06/2013 There are an increasing number of DIY groups contributing to serious ROV kits (e.g. OpenROV).


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