Wednesday, December 4, 2013

World War II Sen Toku-class I-400 Submarine

Originally Published December 04, 2013; Last Updated December 22, 2013; Last Republished December 04, 2013:
Hawaii Undersea Research Laboratory (HURL) researchers publicly release a partial video1 depicting an August 2013 discovery of the World War II Japanese Sen Toku-class I-400, an early submarine platform for surface launching aircraft.


CSM, WWII submarine: Video of humongous 'lost' Japanese sub
University Hawaii, Giant World War II aircraft-carrying submarine discovered off Oahu coast
CombinedFleet, Discovery of Imperial Japanese Navy Submarine August 1st 2013
PBS, Secrets of the Dead, Japanese SuperSub (2010 programming)


1. Video link provided by a relatively mature Pisces-class deep submergence vehicle platform.

UPDATED 12/22/2013 Those interested in the behemoth I-400 class submarine may want to read the World War II book Operation Storm.

Halibut (SSN-587) sailors will appreciate the submarine's design—hangar storage of aircraft for surface launch.

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